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women in indonesia come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Are you looking for a lover or more in Indonesia or Bali?

Women in Indonesia are increasingly evolving, with influences from Western culture. That's a bonus for single men looking for a relationship. Do understand Indonesia is a large country, with many islands and different cultures including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.

Holidaying westerners often think of Bali as a main destination. Balinese women tend to rank higher for friendship and marriage because of this but Indonesian girls from the mainland have their own unique qualities.

Mainland IndonesiaBali
Datingbars & club dating non-existant
Online dating used for privacy
bar & club dating more relaxed
Online dating used for privacy
LifestyleMuslim-based traditional.
alcohol very restricted.
Hindu traditional.
more freedom due to western tourism & influences
ReligionMuslim, some ChristianHindu mostly
CultureSundanese , Javanese , Batakmore Sanskrit-like,
heavily influenced by India
Fooda great rangetry these / Western foods also in abundance

How do you find a girl in Indonesia?

Be mindful in Indonesia when it comes to sexual relations outside of marriage or LGBT dating. Being one of the largest Muslim communities in the world, you'll find traditional bias against free sex outside of marriage.

Obviously, Indonesians as well as International single travelers find ways around this.

Indonesian guys tend to use Tinder-style apps. They're usually only after a one night stand. This is the main reason why those style of apps are popular with Indonesian prostitutes, scammers, gays and ladyboys.

These swipe left/right apps have some huge flaws for most International single guys. If you're in another country and planning your itinerary & wanting to meet some genuine women in Indonesia, you need to choose a dating site, as a better alternative for success.

Swipe Left / Right appsIndonesia Romances
Can see same person againNoYes
Can date from another countryNoYes
Take notes on peopleNoYes
Rate people for later reviewNoYes

On with the basics to get the girl

If you're new to dating online, don't worry. The beauty is it can be as open or as anonymous as you would like. We recommend start slow, attract some attention and develop a process, to find the girl/s that are good for you.

Just remember you aren't the only guy looking.

  1. Join for free. That's the easy part
  2. Go through your selfie photos and select ones that are clear, you're clean and shaved and, hopefully, smiling too
    • If you're lucky with your selfies, it is better to add 3 or more to the site.
    • There's no photo limit like other websites. Don't worry.
  3. Edit your profile. You can narrow down the profiles we present to you by completing as many details as you would like.
    • Gender and age range should be the minimum criteria you should check.
  4. Now it is just a matter of browsing profiles
    • we have pre-canned messages - sort of like speed dating
    • avoid talking about sex. No women like it.
  5. Send out some messages and wait for replies
    • Women do need to work and tend to other chores.
  6. Once the replies roll in, you can create your own Notes and Ratings direct on the site and start your filtering process.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

Why do International single guys like Indonesian girls?

Single guys who travel have xx things in mind for their next adventure:

  1. A location with beautiful scenery
  2. Culturally different food
  3. And girls (who are different to women they normally date in their home countries)

Indonesia and it's provinces (including Bali) offers are these, making for a ever-popular destination.

Why are Indonesian Women so Good?

Places like Jakata, Denpasar or Ubud can be a little daunting, for the first time.

Traveling with a local Indo girl has it's advantages. They speak the native language as well as English.

If you're a "Bule" (means foreign man), you might not know that Jakarta has more than 9 million people and is relatively untouched with the presence of foreigners. That's more than 5 times Manilla, Philippines!

What's that mean for a 'Bule' like you?

  • Women in Indonesia don't have much opportunity to meet foreigners. You're chances of hooking up with a hot Indo girl are 5 times better.
  • They prefer older men. Ideal for traveling expats wanting to find a younger partner.
  • Dark skinned 'Party Girls'.
    • from personal experience, the nightlife in Bali and other capitals is totally wild.
    • these girls LOVE to party.
  • Variety of the women.
    • Over the years, Indonesia has been colonized by a great many countries such as Spain, Portugal, England, Dutch and Japan.
    • Having such a diverse gene pool, you'll see Indo women who have features of Arabs, Chinese and even darker skin reflected by the Spanish heritage. You won't see this is many other places in SE Asia.
  • Women with a gentle nature.
    • Indonesian (and most other Asian regions) culture promotes the male as the leader, in relationships.
    • She wants you to take the lead so don't be afraid to.
    • They really do take care of their partner. Lucky you.
  • Indonesian beach bunnies.
    • Thankfully, Indonesia has an abundance of coast line and beaches. Especially in Bali, the girls there love going to the beach.
  • They are wild in the bedroom
    • Don't think for a minute Muslim girls are prudish. The opposite is true.
    • Having little access to foreign men, Indo and Bali women jump at the chance to bed a 'Bule' guy. Maybe it's a trophy, for them to remember lol

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