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How to Attract a Western Man as an Indonesian Woman

Martin Cooney
November 16, 2018 • 5 min read • Click for comments
Updated: January 27, 2021

Finding the love of your life is not easy.

Dating as an Indonesian Woman can be tricky.

There are so many things you need to consider.

the lucky Western guy for a lucky indonesian lady

Saying the wrong things can lead to terrible misunderstandings. Not saying anything can make you appear arrogant. I guess that’s the last thing you want.

Dating is already difficult enough, but it gets even more difficult when two people with different cultural backgrounds meet each other for the very first time.

It can be confusing.

You and the man who might become your husband are both nervous.

  • He’s probably more nervous than you are.
  • He doesn’t want to make any mistakes.
  • He wants to leave a good impression.
  • He wants you to remember your first date with him as the most amazing evening in your entire life.

That’s what he wants and it puts a lot of pressure on him.

But that’s not all.

He’s also afraid.

I know, it sounds crazy.

You are a beautiful woman and he is a strong Western ex-pat man.

So what could he possibly be afraid of?

the lucky Western guy for a lucky indonesian lady

The Fears a Western Man Has Before a Date with an Indonesian Woman

He’s afraid of quite a few things.

Look, the Western media tends to badmouth a lot about Western men who are looking for love abroad, especially dating an Indonesian woman.

The media spreads many lies that manifest themselves as stereotypes and beliefs in the heads of a lot of men.

That’s not good, but that’s how it is.

As a result of this conditioning, the Western man of your dreams might be a bit reluctant and suspicious when he meets you for the first time.

Don’t be upset about it.

Instead, take away his fears.

“What are Western men afraid of?” you might ask yourself.

Well, in some way they have the same fears as you:

  • They are also afraid that you are just playing with them.
  • That you don’t have serious intentions.

The next Western man who contacts you on this online dating site might be afraid that you only want to test how it is to date a Western man.

I’m sure you are familiar with this fear.

In addition to that, he’s scared that you want his money.

I’m sure that you only have the best intentions, but there are certain girls who only date guys for the money.

You are not one of them?

Then show him that you are not interested in his money and that you are actually looking for love.

Oh, and another common fear that Western men have when they think about dating a beautiful Indonesian woman like you is that they will be married to your whole family once they are married to you.

You have to understand that the Western culture is different than the culture in Indonesia.

We are not used to having dozens of family members around.

Let him know that you want to spend time with him alone and that there’s nothing he has to worry about.

How to Attract a Western Man

Can I tell you a secret?

Western men love Indonesian women.

Yes, you might think that this can’t be true, but many Western men are attracted to beautiful Asian women like you.

And no, don’t believe the advertisements in your own country that tell you that your skin is too dark.

Western men love your skin tone.

You are beautiful and I am sure that a lot of guys on this website would do anything to go on a date with you.

But even if you meet one of our members for the first time, you want to make sure that you do the right things and say the right things. I mean, you want to leave a good impression, right?

If you do the following things, he will fall in love with you before he can finish his first drink…

the lucky Western guy for a lucky indonesian lady

Be Polite and Respectful

You have been born and raised in Indonesia.

I think I don’t have to tell you how to be polite and respectful.

You already know that.

You might be surprised that many women in the West don’t know it.

They behave quite disrespectful.

I know, it’s shocking, but it’s true.

Be polite and respectful and he’ll be yours.

Show Your Feminine Side

It’s never wrong to show up on the first date with a beautiful dress.

Western men love women who show their feminine side.

This is something that they are desperately missing in their home country.

A lot of Western women act very manly and don’t like to dress up.

Make his jaw drop by wearing the most beautiful dress you can find in your closet.

You won’t regret it.

I promise.

the lucky Western guy for a lucky indonesian lady

Tell Him What You Are Looking For

Be honest.

Let him know that you are interested in a serious relationship.

Let him know in case you are looking for your future husband and your soulmate.

This will take away his fear that you are one of these girls who just want to know how it is to date a foreigner.

Also, let him know that you are not one of these gold-diggers that he’s so afraid of.

The best thing you can do is to let your future boyfriend know that you are a simple girl who doesn’t expect any material gifts from him. He’ll be relieved.

Be Forgiving When He Behaves a Bit Weird

He might act a bit funny sometimes.

He might do weird things on your first date.

But don’t worry.

That doesn’t mean that he is a weird guy. He’s just a bit nervous and he probably doesn’t know a lot about the Indonesian culture.

That’s why it can easily happen that he does or says something on your first date that you consider rude or inappropriate. Forgive him. He doesn’t know it better.

Instead of being upset about something he didn’t do on purpose, you can share insights about the Indonesian culture with him.

This shows him that you really want to get to know him and it makes the second date even more pleasant for you.

Last updated: January 27, 2021

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