Indonesian women seeking men and husbands

Our Own Truth

From our research, most dating sites are geared towards money.

It is an unfortunate truth which we are changing.

At Indonesia Romances, we understand the importance of romance and love, between a Indonesian woman and a new man … and maybe even a new husband.

We Want The Same As You

As one of those Australian men myself, I want to find the girl of my dreams, no matter where in the world they happen to be. 

I value the culture of Indonesia like so many other Western world guys. Indonesia is one of the best places on Earth to live.

In Australia, for example, female equality is now out of control. It is no longer equal which is why Indonesia Romances has been created. Bring back wholesome relationship values and Filipino women understand that men have needs as well as women have needs. They are simply different and can be agreed on.

Indonesia Romances wants you to have an enjoyable dating experience with us.

We Understand Your Dating Dream

Our aim is for you to find the man (and maybe the husband) of your dreams.

The guys you find here want the Filipino girl of their dreams too.

Let’s get it happening, OK?

P.S Any suggestions you might like to share, please let us know through the Contact Us form.

당신은 좋아합니다?

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